Study images for Cheng Man-Ching style
Tai Chi Sword Form


Below is a list of Cheng Man-Ching style tai chi sword form postures, in English and Chinese, with links to illustrative slides, videos and an annotated translation of the postures' names.

MEDIA. Click in the Postures section below to see slides , video segments , or to read discussions of each posture's name. You can also directly use the Videos section to watch them in entirety or from specific postures onward.

Tip: You can play the videos or the slides at slower than normal speed. To pause, reverse and navigate slides, you can click on graphical controls or use a keyboard. Controls include:

NAMES OF POSTURES. For discussions of the postures’ names, their translations and cultural meanings, click on the book icons in the list below. Note that there are variations among sources; for example, some lists give Tiger Holds Its Head twice. (Additionally, we link to Google Translate to allow dictionary lookups, but accuracy of phrase translation is rough. You can experiment by deleting words from a phrase—isolating to a single word reveals more possible meanings for the word.)

MORE TAI CHI SWORD VIDEOS can be found at YouTube and at Content Galaxy.

CREDITS. This Web page was created by K. Chin () as a study project, with permission from Ken Van Sickle (Content Galaxy) and Glyn Williams (YouTube) for this use of their images and videos. The discussions of the postures' names are from Yang Taiji Jian: Annotated Translation of Sword Posture Names by Lee Fife.



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